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Gynecologist in Noida

Shivalik Hospital is a top-notch hospital and provides the best gynecological treatments. The team of gynecologists in Shivalik Hospital are experienced and an expert. Shivalik Hospital is a holistic center for taking care of infants and the mothers. We introduce ourselves to all parts of society as a neighborhood health service with patient-centric care and value for money. There are many facilities provided in Shivalik Hospital like childbirth, delivery, and cesarean section, birth control, gynaecological surgery. We have modern facilities and strive to provide the best gynecological and obstetrics treatment in town.


We have a vigilant and skilled team of gynecologists for safe and comfortable childbirth and delivery. Our doctors are well trained for a high-risk pregnancy, normal pregnancy and provide the best antenatal care.

Gynecologist in Noida for Normal Delivery

Vaginal or standard delivery is the safest option available for childbirth in case of fewer complications. It doesn't require any surgery, so the body heals rapidly after normal delivery, and it is the best option for mother and child as it stimulates lactation.

Cesarean Section

C section deliveries are recommended when normal delivery is not possible or when the expected mother fails to deliver the baby with normal procedure. We have expert doctors for C- section delivery. It is done when a mother gets too tired and cannot push after a long labor, or the oxygen supply is cut off.

Birth Control

We have many different birth control options available like Long-term contraception like intrauterine devices, copper Ts. Permanent contraception like tubectomy, vasectomy. Our doctors provide the best counselling for family planning and help you have a better future ahead. There are many short term contraceptives available, but you must consult a gynecologist for safer use.

Gynecological Surgery in Noida

We have different gynecological and laparoscopic surgeries available in our hospital that are performed under experts' supervision. Indications of laparoscopic surgery include fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory condition, adhesions, surgical wounds, etc. At our hospital, we have facilities for cystectomy ( removal of cyst in the urinary bladder by removal of half or entire bladder), hysterectomy( removal of uterus), removal of ovaries, myomectomy ( removal of non malignant fibroids from uterus), open abdominal surgeries.

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