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ENT Specialist in Noida

ENT doctors are one who diagnose and treat diseases of the ear , nose and throat. We have a proficient team of ENT doctors for children and adults. Services offered by our ENT specialists are

  • Ears:hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders and ear noise (tinnitus).
  • Nose:Nasal septum disorders, Treating sinus problems, nasal congestion and allergies is one of the primary skills of otolaryngologists.
  • Throat:Tonsilitis, adenoiditis, laryngitis, swallowing problems . Our providers help to determine the causes of hoarseness or raspy voice and provide treatment recommendations.

Our specialists advise the best and latest treatment available and ensure 100% successful results. They are also capable of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer, abnormalities in hearing, smell, and facial movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is nose surgery available in the Shivalik Hospital?

    Yes, we have the best nose job surgery in town done under the supervision of the best doctors.

  • What is tinnitus?

    It is a ringing or buzzing noise constantly in one or both ears. It can be a complication of any medicine, age related or because of some injury.

  • What is adenoiditis?

    Adenoiditis is an inflammation of the adenoids caused by infection. Adenoids are masses of lymphatic tissue that help the body fight infection.

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