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general medicine

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine at Shivalik Hospital, Noida, is an advanced medical treatment center that is well equipped to deal with a patient's internal issues. General medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with health issues that affect more than one organ. Generally, physicians that specialize in the care of one organ, such as cardiologists, neurologists, etc., are ill-equipped to deal with health issues about multiple organs. For example, generally, health issues involving the liver, digestive systems, etc., are connected; thus, a general physician is best prepared to deal with the issues.

At Shivalik Hospital, the general medicine department is equipped with the most advanced technology and the best, most qualified, and expert General practitioners. The hospital has spared no expense to ensure that the quality of care provided by the department is nothing short of exemplary.

The Department has provided world-class medical treatment to many patients who have lost hope and have regained their perspective on life.

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