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Pediatric Hospital in Noida

Shivalik Hospital is one of the best hospitals for mothers and child hospitals in Noida. The pediatrics department is headed by Dr. Ravi Mohta MBBS MD, AIIMS, with an unmarked experience of 30 years. Shivalik Hospital provides the best newborn care, vaccinations, and emergency child health. We have an ICU and newborn nursery (NICU) . We ensure Minimally invasive surgical procedures to cure all types of untreatable diseases in children. Early detection of pediatric and neonatal diseases helps in early treatment and prevent it from worsening, so with this goal, Shivalik Hospital provides the best available diagnosis and treatment of neonatal illnesses. We have world-class pediatric and neonatal care in Delhi.

Newborn Care

We provide the best newborn care from birth to 28 days of delivery, which is the newborn's riskiest day. The newborn’s crying, feeding, temperature, neonatal sepsis, jaundice, pneumonia are monitored before the discharge.


Timely vaccinations and immunizations are important for your child’s health. We are the best immunization center for your baby. The list of available vaccines are:

  • Birth BCG OPV 0 Hep-B 1
  • Six weeks DTwP 1 IPV 1 Hep-B 2 Hib 1 Rotavirus 1 PCV 1
  • 10 weeks DTwP 2 IPV 2 Hib 2 *Rotavirus 2 PCV 2
  • 14 weeks DTwP 3 IPV 3 Hib 3 *Rotavirus 3 PCV 3
  • Six months OPV 1 Hep-B 3
  • Nine months OPV 2 MMR 1
  • 9-12 months Typhoid Conjugate vaccine
  • 12 months Hep-A 1
  • 15 months MMR 2 Varicella 1
  • 16-18 months PCV Booster DTwP B1/ DTaP B1 IPV B1 Hib B1
  • 18 months Hep-A 2
  • Two years Typhoid Booster
  • 4 -6 years DTwP B2/ DTaP B2 OPV 3 Varicella 2 Typhoid Booster
  • 10- 12 years Tdap/Td HPV

Emergency Child Health

In case of emergency health issues or life-threatening conditions, you can blindly trust us for immediate and quick life-saving treatment. We have ICU and newborn nurseries. We believe that early diagnosis and treatment of the disease can prevent emergencies and work on the same principle. We value your money and are concerned about your child’s health.

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